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A theoretical astrophysicist and currently working at Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) in Peking University as a faculty member. My research interests include the physics on the formation and growth of black holes, early universe and gravitational wave astronomy.
Lectures (graduated)  in 2024:
1. Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (spring)
2. Stellar Structure and Evolution (fall)
see "teaching" in more details
Group meeting in 2024: 14:00-16:00 pm on Friday
Supermassive Black Hole Formation/Growth

Supermassive black holes (SMBHs) are extremely huge objects, which exist at the center of most galaxies in the present universe and even in the early universe. I explore the origin of such mysterious objects and the evolution over the cosmic age. To do so, my research has focused on BH growth via gas accretion and formation of massive BH seeds in protogalaxies.

Black Hole Accretion Physics

As a BH is fed with gas, a large amount of energy release associated with the BH feeding affects star formation on galactic scales and pre- vents gas supply onto the BH itself. The feedback process and self-regulating nature of BH growth lead to open questions regarding (1) the coevolution of SMBHs with their host galaxies and (2) SMBH formation – how are monster BHs produced in the early universe?

Gravitational Waves

The direct detections of GWs by Advanced LIGO have opened a new era in astronomy. The discovery of an unexpected population of massive binary BHs (BBHs) surprised us. I study the BBH formation channels through star formation in the early universe. The first massive binaries in the universe (Pop III) can provide merging BBHs with ~30+30 Msun, which is consistent with LIGO observations. Moreover, such high-z and high mass BBH population create a strong GW background observable by LIGO/Virgo in the near future.


Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University
5 Yi He Yuan Road, Hai Dian District, Beijing 100871, P. R. China 

office: KIAA 203 | inayoshi.pku *at*

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